Awareness Lies Within

Apr 16 2019

Now it's official: I'm not human.

How I know? I tried to buy new glasses today. The exact same model I already have, just with adapted lenses (and without damaged coating). The guy in the shop started to laugh and said, no human ever would want that, and that the glasses I'm wearing are "out" and he wouldn't want to sell me such outdated things. New glasses for that old model? Yes, we can do that, but you'll be two weeks without them.

Don't take me wrong, I do actively embrace change. I try to change everything - until I am satisfied. I'm constantly revising my style of coding, rearranging stuff in my flat, changing recipes in order to find the ideal fit. But why change something I'm absolutely satisfied with? Just for the purpose of change? My current model of glasses is perfect. It's made out of thin, unobtrusive black metal. It's almost invisible beneath my black hair, it's lightweight but not too light - and it fits. Why bother settling for something less elegant, something that doesn't have this perfect fit? Why bother to go on an endless quest to find something equally perfect, when some idiot fashionists decided: oh, that doesn't look good anymore, nobody wants that?

Arturo Brachetti held a whole TED talk on the topic "life is change", and I agree with him: without change, individuals can't evolve. And nature, left alone, is in a constant flow of change, everything influencing each other. But there's always a but, and sometimes, it's a big but: humans also need structure, need things that do not change. Structure gives them (remember, I was made inhuman...) safety, and with safety comes the ability to focus. A person who feels safe, who is sure about "I will survive the next day" - such a person can strive for excellence, can focus on their major trait, and change, experiment, improve.

Our whole world is built on change. Everyone embraces change, in one way or another. One follows the latest fashion, another one hunts new and improved gadgets - another person keeps learning about new techniques in arts and music. Noone stays stagnant in every aspect of his or her life, and when I say noone, I literally mean: not a single living human on earth.

At the same time, everyone keeps to their habits in other areas. Be it wearing the same outfit for years and years on, not being able to cope with the latest technology, or watching the Harry Potter movies for the 512th time. Because those habits, they aren't "ticks", they aren't "strangeness", and they most certainly aren't "un-human" or "defects". Those habits are what keep us safe - what keep us "us".

So, if you "love change" - look out for the things you never change, be aware of your anchors. If you "love steadiness" - look out for the things you play with, you experiment with. Don't judge others by your own standards - but take an interest in theirs. Be aware!